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Hello winter 2011 students! This post is a simple placeholder to say that J463/563: Writing for the Arts will soon have a custom theme and header, and you’ll be able to see the sketchy outlines of a syllabus. This is the first time I’ve taught the class, and I found out last week that I was teaching it for sure, so ironing out the details will likely happen over winter break.

From the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's 2010 production of Ruined: Sophie (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) sings at Mama Nadi's accompanied by the band (Chic Street Man, left, and Kelvin Underwood). Photo by Jenny Graham.

Meanwhile, I can say this: Writing for the Arts means you’ll be writing feature stories, possibly a news story and definitely reviews … about the arts.

The arts, to me: Theater, dance, performance art, visual arts (painting, sculpture, digital art and so much more), architecture, fashion, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, music of all kinds, comedy, film, movies, television and mashups of all of these things. The arts hold one key to democracy.

More on that soon. Meanwhile, if you want to talk about it, email me (ssteffen@uoregon.edu) or use #J463Arts on Twitter, for those of you who use it — and I hope you all do; find me here and here and sometimes here — and I’ll check out what you’re saying. The class is not all about what I want; a lot of it will be based on your experience and understanding of the arts. Again, more to come soon!

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