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It’s confession time.  If this review were a support group, I’d be clutching a Styrofoam cup of brown-dressed water, hesitantly watching everyone in the semi-circle, hoping that they A) understood my past addiction and 2) can empathize with how easy it is to get caught up in a kind of world that never ends and always demands more of your time and energy (both physical and in-game).  I’m not referring to any illicit drugs or even the mind-altering legal ones.  I’m talking about my slightly embarrassing past obsession with a silly little game- a game that doesn’t even have the decency to wrap itself in a world as nerdily encompassing as World of Warcraft.  I’m referring to the Zynga game Mafia Wars- a game with a blob-like presence on Facebook, the social media mainstay that seems to affect and infect everyone to some degree, whether through gameplay or wall posts or those lovely game requests we’ve all come to know and love . (more…)

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